Destination Weekend Weddings

Destination Weekend Weddings in Dutchess County

Destination Weekend Weddings are weekend weddings in which the couple and their family and friends take a space at an inn, lodge, bed and breakfast, hotel or resort. Often, they get exclusive use of the space, and, where necessary, the remainder of the guests are housed at other area locations.

The objective of the couple who choose this alternative wedding celebration is to find a venue that will host a variety of activities from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. On Friday, the wedding party checks in, gets settled and relaxes before the weekend events commence. This extra day gives the bride and her wedding party time to “hang out” and to deal with any last minute details. Likewise, it gives the groom the time to check scheduling and logistics with the point person at the venue. The parents, maid of honor and best man have enough time to review at their leisure their check lists of chores and still be left with plenty of time to handle any last minute glitches. Such a wedding is especially lovely for guests who are traveling from far away, giving them ample time to deal with any transportation changes that make their trip longer than anticipated.

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If you have decided that a Destination Weekend Wedding is what you want, there are information and tips that may help with your planning. If the venue you select is neither near the bride’s home nor her family’s, it may prove valuable to hire a local wedding consultant who can help with arrangements. The time, effort and cost of traveling back and forth to check on and finalize details can be high. Many hotels and resorts offer a wedding consultant, wedding coordinator or event planner as part of their wedding packages. A local consultant who is familiar with the location you have chosen will provide her planning expertise and should have local contacts offering wedding-related services, to recommend.

Some destination venues offer “throw in’s” as an incentive. There are those, for example, who will include the ceremony at no charge, with the stipulation that the couple book rooms for a minimum number of nights and a certain number of guests. Freebies can be disappointing, so make sure you know all the details, in advance.

If you are getting married either out-of-state or out-of-the-country, do a little homework to avoid difficulties. Different states and certainly different countries have their own marriage license, waiting period and other regulations. Keep in mind that some places have residency requirements, lots of paperwork to complete, and/or substantial tests. If you want your marriage to be legal and recognized “back home,” you’ll want to be thorough with these details.

Because you are planning a long-distance wedding, you may need to ignore some things. Your special weekend wedding should serve as a pleasant vacation for you, too. Do only those things that you think are very important and then free yourself up to relax, have fun and join your guests in enjoying the festivities.

Pay special attention to the way you pack. Ask your dressmaker or bridal shop owner how best to pack your gown for travel. Make certain you have the correctly-sized suitcase(s) or box(es) ahead of time. If you are traveling by plane, take any items that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day with you into the cabin. Lost luggage is devastatingly painful where a wedding is concerned.

Traditionally, invitations should be mailed four to six weeks before the event, but that may not be enough time for your guests to buy plane tickets and make travel arrangements. If the place you have chosen has limited lodging accommodations, some of your guests may need to be “housed” elsewhere, so the sooner they know your wedding date, the better. Get in touch with your guests early, with a “Save the Date” letter, an informal form letter that includes all the information they will need. Include information about the venue, sites to see locally, transportation hubs (closest airport, closest bus depot, etc.).

Do your plans well in advance of your arrival at the venue. Leave a few hours or a day at your destination, before your wedding, for de-stressing, relaxing, unpacking and unwinding. Try to get as many details as possible finished up while you are still at home.

Particularly with this kind of “all-inclusive” wedding, it is especially important to include all the details into a contract, which you should review carefully before you and the management sign.

Your Destination-Weekend Wedding is a wonderful treat for your guests, so resist the urge to over-plan activities for them. Watch out for too many get-togethers, which will eliminate free time that your family and friends would enjoy. Make yourself aware of any special needs of your guests and make whatever accommodations you can for them.

If you decide on a Destination Weekend Wedding, being prepared is the most stress-free way to plan and the key to making your wedding run more smoothly.

Brides may be surprised to find that, compared to the average wedding today, a weekend wedding may actually be more economical. It is an alternative that is becoming more popular, as couples try to stretch a five-hour event into an extended celebration that will have them, their families and friends sharing joy filled activities throughout a weekend.

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