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If you have a passion for food and wine and a craving to learn, you've come to the right place. The Culinary Institute of America is the resource for enthusiasts. We have it all classes, award-winning restaurants, cookbooks, and culinary equipment.

Culinary Institute of AmericaAn Introduction to Beers and Craft Beers - With more than 1,900 breweries in the United States, the beer world is more complex than ever before. Ale, lager, Porter, lambic, and black IPA are some of the styles of beer that people are enjoying. In this class, you will explore how beer is made, discuss the different styles of beer, and learn about craft brewers and imported beer. You’ll also enjoy a guided sensory evaluation of beers from around the world, along with some light snacks.

An Introduction to Wines - The complex world of wine can be intimidating even overwhelming but after completing this course, you will feel much more knowledgeable about and comfortable with this fascinating subject. Through discussions and guided tastings, you will explore wine topics ranging from the grape varietals of the world to the type of vessel used to ferment wine.

Food & Beer Pairing - Wine and Beer Dining Experiences
In this class, you'll explore the different styles of beer and how to choose a beer to pair with what you are eating. The class will start with a discussion of why and how beer pairs with various dishes. Then, you’ll take part in a sensory evaluation of beer and a tasting of cheese and other foods that will allow you to discover your favorite food and beer pairings.

Food and Wine Pairing 101 - The fundamentals of marrying wine with food. Whether the goal is to complement or contrast flavors, you will learn how to select the best wine for a meal. The day begins with a lecture on food and wine pairing basics and concludes with a wine and cheese tasting where you can practice the principles learned in class.

As a participant in this class, you will receive a copy of the CIA’s WineWise.

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