Bannerman Castle History

Bannerman Castle is located on Pollepel Island along the Hudson River. Too many, Bannerman Castle is located on also known as "Bannerman Island" near both Beacon & Fishkill, New York.

Rhinebeck's Civil War

2013 marks the anniversary of the 3rd year of the American Civil War, particularly the Battle of Gettysburg. Rhinebeck was well represented in the "war between the states", and the town itself was deeply involved in the war effort. The Consortium of Rhinebeck History is commemorating Rhinebeck's Civil War veterans with events and exhibits for everyone to enjoy.

Henry Hudson Days

Henry Hudson Days - When Henry Hudson sailed up the Hudson River in 1609, laying claim to the valley for the Dutch Crown, the east bank of the river had been home for centuries to the Wappinger Indians and other members of the Algonquin Federation. They called one of their encampments Poughkeepsie, the reed-covered lodge by the little water place." Dutchess was named after England's future Queen Mary, not after the Dutch, who relinquished their claims to the area in 1683.