Small Business Entrepreneurs

Hudson Valley Small Business Entrepreneurs

"This program is like getting a doctorate in small business without the expensive tuition!"

The Entrepreneurial Excellence Business Forums are monthly sessions for the Small Business Owner (SBO). Each month we focus on a different aspect of small business development. This allows us to take the large job of professional development and break it down into bite size chunks, to make it easy to understand and implement.

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Management, Leadership, Teamwork Development, Goal Setting and Achievement, Communication, Strategy, Market Penetration and many more subjects are covered.

These sessions help you to understand what it really takes to make your business more profitable, manageable and enjoyable.

You need to run your business, not let it run you.

The Business Forum is here to help you create change in your business. Whatever change you are looking for. We will help you to work ON your business not IN it. WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

In addition to the learning session each month, we sit with a group of fellow business owners and discuss the best way to implement what we have learned that evening. We share our personal experiences, successes and failures.

Please join our Meetup Group, no cost. Then attend a session and see what value you receive.

All sessions come with a Money Back Guarantee. If you do not feel you learned something new and valuable for your business, we will refund you the cost of that evening's Business Forum.

Frank De Raffele, our facilitator, is one of the top Small Business speakers, trainers and consultants in the USA. All Business Forum sessions are designed by him.

If you are a Solo-preneur, Micro-preneur or Small Business Entrepreneur, these sessions are designed for you.

Join the Entrepreneurial Excellence Business Forum and come to our monthly workshops to network with and learn from fellow small business entrepreneurs. EEBF members tell us that the greatest value they derive from these sessions is the change they have created in their businesses.

Each monthly forum meeting will give you time for networking, followed by interactive presentations and exercises to help you apply the material to YOUR business. The relationships you build and the Forum’s learning opportunities will enable you to grow your business by developing your skills and applying new tools, techniques, and ideas.

Business cards, a positive attitude and a willingness to contribute and help others are key factors to the success of the group and each individual member. #smallbiz #soho #dutchess

By Geoffrey Gonzalez